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In light of the requirements of the international and local markets, Al Tawhied for Importing and Exporting had to work on developing this important logistical sector to support and develop the Egyptian economy by opening more markets according to the studies that we planned well, in line with our resources, capabilities, and experience that we have gained over the course of years of preparing and marketing many commodities and products that meet the market's needs, such as different plastic products, metals, pumps, fuel dispensers, electronics, and fruit products, etc.

Al Tawhied for Importing and Exporting is always working to build a firm strategy for consolidating professional relations with business partners that has the dynamism to deal with the various changing market conditions required by the export and import sector, and we spare no effort in innovative marketing operations that correspond to global changes that recur rapidly around us, to keep pace with the requirements of the always renewable market that requires good preparation and planning to maintain excellence.

The work team within the importing and exporting sector at Al Tawhied is keen on studying and analyzing the external and internal markets carefully, as well as the periodic study of the audience of our customers and target partners and the regulations and legal texts that are subject to the different target markets.

We strive within Al Tawhied for Importing and Exporting to facilitate the work steps for this vital activity in accordance with the legal agreements and contracts concluded, to save more time while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of all stages of operations for the various import and export carried out by the company by relying on specialized cadres, qualified with scientific expertise and skills to deal with the different cultures of the markets.